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So, you’ve decided that you need to install a secure key control system for your property, but you’re unsure of what type of system you need, what features would help you, or which provider will offer the highest quality service. How do you select a key control system that’s right for you? Here are a few tips to point you in the right direction.

secure key controlLook for Multiple Layers of Secured Access

These days, a truly secure system means more than just keeping keys under lock and key, or even keeping a record of check in/check out. It also means your employees should have to move through several steps in order even to access the keys. For example, the employee might need to type in a PIN code after scanning his/her badge at the key console to prevent the possibility of access using a stolen badge. The employee should also have to designate which key is being pulled with a reason code to specify why the key is needed. In addition, your secure system should also provide immediate alerts via text or email to management in the event that proper protocol is not followed.

Look for Additional Security Features

Security shouldn’t end once the key box is opened. A good system also includes security enhancements to make sure key usage can’t be abused. For example, anonymous barcode tags on the keys can ensure an employee can’t identify one key from the other (the console can tell the employee which key to take). Another good feature is random key rotation, in which keys are never returned to the same hook from where they were pulled. (Again, the console can track where the keys are placed.)

Look for Simple, Accurate Reporting Capabilities

One benefit of installing a computerized secure key control system is that the computer can track your entire key inventory and instantly create detailed reports of key activity. Look for a system that can build reports based on functional activity, activity by building unit, activity by employee, etc.

Look at the Warranty and Support

No matter how secure the key control system is designed to be, it’s not actually secure if it breaks down, nor if you don’t receive the proper training and support in using it. Make sure your provider offers a solid warranty, as well a solid system for training you and your employees in proper use.

HandyTrac offers a selection of highly secure key control systems that are easy to use, offer plenty of extra security features and are backed by a stellar warranty and technical support. To learn more, give us a call at 1-800-665-9994, or send us an email at